My name is Heike Wennemer. I grew up with dogs. Well, the first dogs in my childhood belonged to my older brother, but when he wasn't at home, it was me who took them for a walk. Soon they were more my dogs than his.


When my children were a few years old, I thought it was time to get another dog. Sojie, a Kromfohrlander-Mix from the shelter moved in. In 2005 my interrest in the breed Rhodesian Ridgeback began to grow. After due consideration I spent the money I got from overtime in autumn 2006 for Bahati Jua of Abayomi, a 15 weeks old Ridgeback girl. She became my teacher and mentor for canine behaviour. Her very difficult character forced me to read dozens of books and to visit dog seminars. With Jua my dream of breeding dogs started. Unfortunately Jua got SLO (autoimune disease). She soon recovered from it but it would have been unjustifiable to make a litter with her.


 But the group of dogs grew even withouth puppies of my own. Yengo, a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, joined us 2009, and in 2011 a Podenco-Mix dog named Arco came into our house.

At the end of 2012 and at the beginning of 2013 both dogs died suddenly at the age of seven (Arco had DCM that had never been discovered because he had had no problems at all, Yengo died of unknown reason). After these unexpected and painful losses, our first Scottish Deerhound Merlin von Averlon and our first Magyar Agar Ibo de l'Etoile du Centaure came to brighten up our lives.


Since then the sighthound fever has caught me and soon bitches of both breeds joined us.