Lowland Fauns Eibhinn

dob: 30.05.2019, Beesten/Deutschland

Grösse: 73 cm

Gewicht: 32 kg


Eibhinn is very intelligent and copies everything from the others.


No matter what weather, Eibhinn loves being outside... As sou would expect from a Scottish girl.


She is always in action and even let her mother Sca´thach act like a young Deerhound. In the meantime she found some new playing partners in her nieces Froineach and Fentje. At the same time she is every hounds darling and catches the heart of all human visitors. She loves Magyar Agar ears and thinks they´re chewing gums.


Eibhinn has a very good movement and could reach some success in the showring..


Eibhinn means "funny" and is also a hommage to the origins of her mother Sca´thach who comes from the Scottish Highlands where a mountain is called Eibhinn.


Pedigree Eibhinn