How the Scottish Deerhound caught our hearts

It's not by hazard you get a Scottish Deerhound as you hardly see one on the streets. We too, we only knew the name Scottish Deerhound but we had never seen one when at the end of the year 2012 we had to decide what kind of breed would best fit and recomplete our pack.


Up to then we've had a Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch, a Podenco-Labrador-Mix dog and a Kromfohrlander-Mix bitch of old age. The Rhodesian Ridgeback dog had died suddenly and unexpected some weeks before. Looking for a peaceful and healthy breed we found the Scottish Deerhound. We searched for more information about the breed and also visited a breeder. One day before Holy Eve 2012 we got Merlin von Averlon. Soon we knew that Merlin certainly wouldn't be the last Deerhound in our family.


Nevertheless we did not want to get another deerhound head over heels. We made a lot of recherches and asked a whole lot of people. Finally we found an announced litter of here uncommon bloodlines. After long talks and discussions in which we were put to the acid test we were finally allowed to travel to the Scottish Highlands to get our Albaeirn Banrigh that we call Sca'thach.


From the first day Sca'thach was different. She was fascinated by living game but was/is not to move by the plastic hare in lure coursing. In the meantime we had decided to become breeders (we even moved into a new house with large ground)  and that's why another Deerhound girl should join us.

After months of searching and dozens of e-mails we were contacted by an irish breeder who told us, he was just having a litter  and that there was one bitch looking for a forever home. In September 2015 Rockenhart Aslia joined us.


This was the beginning of the Scottish Deerhound kennel Lowland Fauns...


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