Rockenhart Aslia

dob. 8th June 2015 Lisnagry/Ireland

Size: 72 cm

Weight: 31 kg


Our Aslia joins every nonsense. With all she has she tries to find someone to join her in her doings, and most often she succeeds. Playing and romping around are her passions. It seems she will never become adult.


At the same time she is enormously cuddly and needs carresses even more than her daily food.


In the showring she moves gracefully and with pep. If she's not in the mood for shows, she tries to bite the leash, starts to hop and jump and almost drives me to madness.


Speaking of madness: that's what she shows on the race track and in lure coursings. 


"She is an eyecatcher", a Deerhound owner said, whem she first saw Aslia, and somehow she seems to be right. She not only catches us with her charme, everywhere she goes the people turn around to look at the grey sweetness with that certain something.


Aslia is the mother of our D-litter and of our G-litter.