Lowland Fauns Ceadachas

dob. 8th March 2017 Beesten/Germany

Size: 74 cm

Weight: 35 kg



Ceadachas means "tolerance" in gaelic, and she really is. She likes everyone but when it comes to food she hardly has any friends at all. Noone but her has the ability to focus the eyes of the eater with intense and never look away again till she gets something.


Ceadachas is a pride bitch that has her head always hold high. Nevertheless she also dashes through the fileds like a farm dog. And when you get home she doesm't know what do to because she's so full of joy.


Ceadachas behaves great in the showring and impresses everyone with her friendly nature.

Pedigree Ceadachas


We let our Ceadachas test at MyDogDNA and are pretty happy with the result.

Here are the results of the test: MyDogDNA Test Ceadachas


Ceadachas is the mother of our F-litter.