Actual litter - Albaeirn Banrigh "Sca'thach" & Islay's Labhrainn

The mating of our Highland girl Albaeirn Banrigh "Sca'thach" and Islay's Labhrainn took place at the beginning of Januar 2017 y. After four weeks we were sure to get puppies soon as the ultrasound told us there are embryos and not only a few.

On 8th March 2017it started at 10:15 when Sca'thach got her first bearing down pains. Eight minutes later the first baby boy was born on the sofa in the Atrium (anteroom of the whelping room). With some nice words and some pushing we persuaded her to move to the whelping box, where whelping was much more comfortable than on the sofa.


The next four boys and one girl where born hour after hour. Then Sca'thach took a big break. We has just started to get a bit afraid of that long break when the next boy was born followed by another one within a few minutes. Again one hour later a boy and a girl took their first breaths. And one more hour laater the last boy was born. So nine boys and two girls...

Sca'thach and we were tired but happy.


Pedigree Albaeirn Banrigh "Sca'thach"

Pedigree Islay's Labhrainn

Playing with auntie Jannarah

15 weeks old

With the Horses


12 Weeks old

On Tour

With Rayleigh

8 Weeks

7,5 Weeks


with the adult dogs


the father meets his children

meat for the first time

relaxing pics

first time in the sun

the eyes are open

the first four days