Lowland Fauns Fentje

dob:  03.04.2021, Beesten/Deutschland

Grösse: 72 cm

Gewicht: 30 kg


Fentje hypnotized me with her puppy eyes. Although we had already made up our mind to keep her sister Froineach because she was always togehter with her mother Ceadachas, I had to keep Fentje as well, otherwise my heart had be broken.


Fentje iis a very sensitive bitch but can be a rascal as well. In the house her sister is the boss, outside it´s her. She loves being outside with her aunt Eibhinn and often don´t even want to come in if it´s raining.


Fentje means ´The peaceful`


Pedigree: Lowland Fauns Fentje