Albaeirn Banrigh 'Sca'thach'

dob. 23rd April 2014 Cromdale/Scotland

Size: 73,5 cm

Weight: 35 kg


Our Sca'thach is the boss in the house. With aplomb she tells erveryone with only the blink of an eye that he or she should not do what he or she just wanted. At the same time she avoids all conficts with her fellows.


Sca'thach is the Scottish Deerhound that's described in the breed standard: friendly to all human beings. She wants to please, and that's what she does.


 As a girl from the Highlands she sometimes (especially after having been in heat) carries the melancholia of Scottland on her shoulders, and just an instant later she runs full of joy with the others. What peps her most is the sound of bagpipes. You can see she imbibed it from her infancy. She really loves the Scottish national sound. Luckily she doesn't like the Scottish national drink whiskey. She definitelly prefers coffee.


Unfotunately she really dislikes dogshows. She got many excellent judgements but it's no fun for her to move in the ring and put herself in pose. She thinks her beauty is best seen in free nature when each of her muscels is tensed having espied a rabbit or hare. And she's absolutely right. That's why we spared most boring dog shows to her.


Sca'thach's breeder once said about her eye expression: "Eyes that pierce your soul..." And that's just true!


Sca´thach is the mother of our C-litter and of our E-litter.