Litters/Litter Plans

Here they are!! D-Litter is born! Rockenhart Aslia x Seatonvalley Pherkad

She let the hottest day of the year (27th July) pass, then on 28th July 2018 our Rockenhart Aslia decided to give birth to her babies. Within 5 hours she delivered 3 boys and 6 girls.


Aslia is a very caring mother.


More pics under D-litter.

Marriage of two beautiful Deerhounds from working lines

By the end of July we're expecting puppies from our irish girl Rockenhart Aslia and the english boy Seatonvalley Pherkad "Bloo". Both are out of working lines. Out of this love marriage we hope for beautiful, strongly-elegant puppies with a very nice character.


Pedigree Seatonvalley Pherkad

More pics from Seatonvalley Pherkad



On 8th March 2017 Sca'thach gave birth to nine strong males and two healthy females. Mum and pups are doing fine!

More pictures are soon to come...


52nd day of pregnancy: Where has the beautiful underline gone???

42nd day of pregnancy: Carrying all those pups is making Sca'thach tired...

41st day of pregnancy: Sca'thach loses her sporty figure...

Our Albaeirn Banrigh "Sca^thach" is pregnant!!!

The long waiting time beginns...

Special outcross mating of old bloodlines

At the beginning of March we're expecting puppies of our Highland girl Albaeirn Banrigh "Sca'thach". The wedding with Islay's Labhrainn took place in scottish weather with minus 8 degrees celsius and sunshine at the beginning of January. Because the two got to know each other some weeks before and they liked each other, it was no suprise that the mating was quickly and without any problems.


Pedigree Albaeirn Banrigh "Sca'thach"

Pedigree Islay's Labhrainn


If you're interrested in a puppy, please don't hesitate to contact me.

More pictures from Islay's Labhrainn