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Litters/Litter Plans

The i-litter is born!

Somehow it all went very fast. In the evening of Thursday our Froineach got her depressions, on Sunday evening she got the opening conttactions, early morning of the 11th December 2023 she lost the mucous plug and 30 minutes later the first puppy boy was born. Within 70 minutes another four puppies followed and then number six. After that she made a break of a bit more than one hour. After the break another six puppies were born, so six boys and six girls within nine hours, that was the turbo gear.


The puppies weren´t very big but even on the first day they all gained a remarkable amount of grams. Froineach is a fantastic mother and this easens our work a lot.


Here you can find photos of our I-litter...


And here are some pics of Islay´s Nolan, the proud father of the litter:

we´re expecting puppies!

During her whole season Froineach was pretty calm, even when the hot days came closer she did not offer her back to the other females in heat and not even to the male. So we were not so sure if she would be ready to be mated by Nolan.

But when we arrived there and she saw him she was in love and after short and rough playing and some carressing they mated.


A few days later Froineach started to be very keen on food and from day 22 she stopped playing with the others. So we went to the vet with hope in our hearts and yes, she´s pregnant!


We´re now looking forward to the middle of December expecting nice little puppies.


Here is the pedigree of the future puppies.


The H-litter is born!

Our Ceadachas has given birth to 3 boys and 3 girls on 3rd April 2023, exactly 2 years after her first litter.

The birth process wasn´t as easy as her first one. After 3 puppies born naturally the process stopped for too long. We went to the vet for a cesarian, and now our girl is very happy with her 6 puppies.


You can find a lot of pictures under H-Litter...


Below you can find some pics of the proud father Neilson William Sense of Beauty...

We are pregnant!

After the marriage of our Lowland Fauns Ceadachas with Neilson William Sense of Beauty  was a really perfect event, there was actually no doubt that Ceadachas would be pregnant, nevertheless it´s always exciting to see the ultrasound pics at the vet. And yes: We´re pregnant!!


We´re expecting puppies at the beginning of April 2023.


Here´s the pedigree of our future H-litter...

Our G-litter is born

In the morning of 25th June it started. Aslia was in labour and a few minutes later the first puppy boy was born. Every 30 to 60 minutes three more boys were born. Then Aslia took a break. This is nothing uncommon. All our bitches had a break of several hours after half of the puppies were born. Aslia was completely calm and cared perfectly for her puppies. The longer the break was, the more nervous the human beings became. Why didn´t the birth process go on?

When we thought that the time of no action was too long we called the vet and a few minutes later we were there. Only oxitocine or C-section, that was the question after the ultrasound showed the expected remaining puppies.  We decided on cesarean and that was the right choice as infront of the birth channel a obviously since several days dead puppy lied cross and blocked everything.

The vet brought another three boys to live. So Aslia, Ernan and of course we, the humans, are very happy to have seven little Lowland Fauns men.

The mother and the puppies are doing great.

Wonderful marriage of our Rockenhart Aslia with Lowland Fauns Ernan.

It was love at first sight betwenn our girl Rockenhart Aslia and sonnyboy Lowland Fauns Ernan. With his great charme that he inherited from his granddad he immediately caught the attention and the heart of Aslia. It was a wonderful marriage full of harmony.

The beautiful couple expects its puppies by the end of June.


Here´s the pedigree of the future litter...

A few impressions of Ernan and Aslia mustn´t be missed...

The puppies out of the mating of Lowland Fauns Deacon with our girl Lowland Fauns Ceadachas are born!!!

The F-litter is here! (Lowland Fauns Deacon x Lowland Fauns Ceadachas)

Our sporty and slim Ceadachas had gained 12 kg by the end of her pregnancy. The last two days she hardly wanted to leave the house because she didn´t know when the little rascals wanted to leave her comfy womb.

Good Friday wasn´t suitable they thought, and Easter was too holy, so they decided to come on Saturday 3rd April 2021. Only the last puppy is a real Easter bunny.

Four boys and seven girls are now loved to bits by caring Ceadachas and of course by us.


Series of photos are beeing presented from time to time under F-litter.


Here´s the pedigree of the puppies...

Yes, of course, they have known each other for quite a long time. Not only did Ceadachas contribute to the development of Deacon during his first weeks with us but they had met each other after that for several times and there has always been great sympathy.


At this meeting sympathy became love immediately. Deacon didn´t wait long... After the mating they licked each others mouth. This harmonic mating just had to turn out successful.

And indeed, the ultrasound made us and also the vet smile...

Now, we´re waiting for the little "moles" of the Lowland Fauns F-litter to be born.


Here´s the pedigree of the unborn babies


Some impressions from Deacon and Ceadachas:

E-litter is born!!! (Killoeter Skye x Albaeirn Banrigh)

On 30th of June (called father's day) it startet at 1:30 in the morning, when our Albaeirn Banrigh called Sca'thach lost some slime. We then knew it wouldn't take long till the first puppy would be born. At 3:15 she started being nervous. At 3:35 the contractions began and ten minutes later the first puppy was born. It was a little boy. Hour after hour one puppy followed the other till the score was 8:2 for the boys - well, obviously father's day... 

Then it was quiet for a long time till one more girl was born. She was very weak but we and she decided to fight. Unfortunately 36 hours after her birth the little Eubha (life) passed away in our hands.

Sca'thach was as sad as we were but she decided to focus on the others, and she does this with heart and soul.

A lot of pics will folow under Litters/Litter plans.


Here some more pics of Killoeter Skye "Sleat", the father of the wee ones.

Our Albaeirn Banrigh "Sca'thach" is pregnant!!! We expect the puppies of this promissing mating with Killoeter Skye "Sleat" to be born by the end of May/beginning of June


Pedigree Sca'thach

Pedigree Sleat

Pedigree of the future puppies

Here they are!! D-Litter is born! Rockenhart Aslia x Seatonvalley Pherkad

She let the hottest day of the year (27th July) pass, then on 28th July 2018 our Rockenhart Aslia decided to give birth to her babies. Within 5 hours she delivered 3 boys and 6 girls.


Aslia is a very caring mother.


More pics under D-litter.

Marriage of two beautiful Deerhounds from working lines

By the end of July we're expecting puppies from our irish girl Rockenhart Aslia and the english boy Seatonvalley Pherkad "Bloo". Both are out of working lines. Out of this love marriage we hope for beautiful, strongly-elegant puppies with a very nice character.


Pedigree Seatonvalley Pherkad

More pics from Seatonvalley Pherkad



On 8th March 2017 Sca'thach gave birth to nine strong males and two healthy females. Mum and pups are doing fine!

More pictures are soon to come...


52nd day of pregnancy: Where has the beautiful underline gone???

42nd day of pregnancy: Carrying all those pups is making Sca'thach tired...

41st day of pregnancy: Sca'thach loses her sporty figure...

Our Albaeirn Banrigh "Sca^thach" is pregnant!!!

The long waiting time beginns...

Special outcross mating of old bloodlines

At the beginning of March we're expecting puppies of our Highland girl Albaeirn Banrigh "Sca'thach". The wedding with Islay's Labhrainn took place in scottish weather with minus 8 degrees celsius and sunshine at the beginning of January. Because the two got to know each other some weeks before and they liked each other, it was no suprise that the mating was quickly and without any problems.


Pedigree Albaeirn Banrigh "Sca'thach"

Pedigree Islay's Labhrainn


If you're interrested in a puppy, please don't hesitate to contact me.

More pictures from Islay's Labhrainn